Join the Anti Fracking Demonstration on 12th November in Manchester!


For more info on the Fracking situation in Britain see

Student Workers – Fight For Your Rights

Here are some useful tips for students needing or wishing to support themselves through working whilst at Uni or College that was published on the IWW web pages some years ago.  Organisation and awareness are for everyone!

Notts IWW Statement on Orlando Attack

The following is a statement from the Nottinghamshire General Membership Branch of the Industrial Workers of The World in England, regarding the recent terrible events in Orlando, Florida, USA:

The IWW’s Nottinghamshire General Members’ Branch was deeply saddened to hear of the shooting that occurred at the Pulse nightclub in Orlando last Sunday. This shooting, which targeted LGBT members of the Latinx community, was a tragic symptom of the racism, homophobia and transphobia that permeates so much of our society, both in the United States and in the wider world. Both of the communities targeted suffer disproportionately at the hands of the boss class, with the Latinx community especially being affected by issues of poor pay and precarious working conditions. We note that many of the victims of this event have been forcibly outed as a consequence, either posthumously or as a result of ending up in hospital, and thus may experience further discrimination at work or at home. As members of One Big Union, we feel compelled to give our sincerest condolences to those who have lost friends, family and lovers to this incident, and we offer solidarity to those who must deal with its aftermath.

This statement has been passed to the IWW in Orlando and has been posted on the Notts IWW Facebook page.

In November We Remember – Industrial Worker, November Issue

In this issue:

* Legal victory over police repression of union activity & free speech in Boston
* Boycotts, pickets in support of Familias Unidas farm worker union intensify
* In November We Remember: Fellow Worker Ed Mann, Federico Arcos, Krazy Bill and incarcerated workers
….and more!

To download it, follow this link: Industrial Worker Fall 2015

Industrial Worker Newspaper June 2015

The June 2015 issue of the Industrial Worker:

You can download a PDF from the international IWW website here.


  • #ResistenciaMovistar: A Strike Of This Century In Spain
  • IWW Statement On Baltimore Uprising And Police Repression
  • Amtrak Wreck Could Have Been Prevented


  • May Day Celebrated Around The World
  • Staughton Lynd Reviews New Saul Alinsky Biography
  • Call To Support Migrant Workers In Europe

Happy Wob-read!

Meeting on Argentina and Precarious Labour

Argentina – Precarious labour and global capitalism.

Meeting organised by Nottingham Trade Union Forum.
Wednesday 4th March, 7pm. Nottingham Mechanics Institute, North Sherwood Street, Nottingham.

Maurizio Atzeni is a researcher concerned with issues of workers’ organisation, collective action, trade unionism, the labour process and workers’ control and self management. He has recently returned from Argentina where he has been involved in the study of precarious workers organisation.

In the talk Maurizio will present some of the findings of his research and give an overview of the current context of the labour movement in Argentina. This will help to introduce some of the arguments about the conceptualisation of labour in the context of globalisation which have been treated in Maurizio’s last book Workers and labour in a globalised capitalism: contemporary themes and theoretical issues (2014) as well as a number of articles Maurizio has recently published Workplace Conflict: Mobilization and Solidarity in Argentina (2010) and edited Alternative work organisations (2012)

Industrial Worker Newspaper Jan to Feb 2014

Industrial Worker – Issue #1771, January/February 2015

* Anti-Police Brutality Protest Shakes Things Up At The Mall Of America
* Strange Encounters: World Meeting Of Popular Movements In Vatican City
* Windsor Wobblies Build Street Solidarity

* The Centennial Commemoration Of Joe Hill
* Review: Doing (And Making) History From Below
* Prisoner Letters: Crime And Punishment

Documents from the Campaign For Trade Union Freedom

Latest documents from the Campaign for Trade Union Freedom:

What’s Wrong With TTIP: Voices Opposing The EU-US Trade Agreement. Newsletter & Documents Section …

US Unions: What Is Right To Work?

Robert Reich: America is headed full speed back to the 19th century via @Salon

TPP Trade Talks: USW Local 9-508 Gathering Support To Oppose Fast Track Legislation

Ascent Of Giants – Report On NAFTA and Corporate Power

New on @unionfreedom DGB on CETA German Trade Union Movement on its opposition to the EU-Canada Trade Deal. (Newsletters & Docs).

Tony Abbott’s promised industrial relations crackdowns face Senate defeat

Still The Enemy Within……

Still The Enemy Within

Showing at The Pomegranate Theatre, Corporation Street, Chesterfield S41 7TX

Telephone: 01246 345222 0r contact

Tuesday 24th February 2015, 7pm.

£10 Waged

£5 Unwaged

Organised by Chesterfield TUC

Still The Enemy Within is a unique insight into one of UK history’s most dramatic events: the 1984-5 Miners’ Strike.  No experts.  No politicians.  Thirty years on, this film shows the raw first hand experience of those who lived through Briatin’s longest strike.  It follows the highs and the lows of that life changing year.

The event features live music from the strike from John Young and Toe’in in the Dark.

Industrial Worker December 2014

Industrial Worker – Issue #1770, December 2014


Whole Foods Workers Demand Higher Wages And A Union
Toronto Harm Reduction Workers Organize With The IWW
IWW Resurgence In Bellingham, Washington


Farewell, Fellow Worker Fred Lee
Oregon Canvassers Continue Push For Unionization
Understanding Co-ops And The IWW

Download a Free PDF of this issue.